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Consulting, Coaching and Training

I'm an independent coach, trainer and consultant for Agile Software Development.

The purpose of my work is to delight my clients with what I do and how I do it. My goal is to make myself expendable by helping my clients to reach their goal. Therefore I'm a catalyst for change in the role of a maverick or wild duck, often as a Scrum or Kanban coach.

During my engagements I work with individuals and self-organized teams, middle and top management. I support my clients on their way to transform their company to an Agile organisation, if that is what they wish.

I'm an expert in the methods of Agile Software Development. I'm not specialized in a specific domain, though I consulted, coached and trained dozens of companies in various domains. Some of which were internet service providers, banks, and insurance companies, national and international, from small and medium enterprises to global players.

I deeply care about my work.

A typical relationship with my clients consist of three parts:

  1. Consulting: I understand the problems and needs of my client and provide adequate advice in the area of Agile Software Development. We talk and figure out what to do to reach my client's goal.
  2. Training: I teach Agile practices, principles and values from over years of experience, according to the needs of my clients. My goal is to enable the client to acquire and learn skills and knowledge which helps him to reach his goal.
  3. Coaching: I support my client in his process of achieving a specific result.

A typical situation would be that my client wants to figure out if he could benefit from Agile Software Development. During the consultation, I analyse his situation and we might find out that he could do an Agile Pilot. I then do a training with the client e.g. in Kanban or Scrum. Afterwards I coach my client for the duration of the Agile Pilot.