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About me

My name is Bernd Schiffer. I'm a coach, trainer and consultant for Agile Software Development. I live and work in Melbourne, Australia, with my wife and our two kids.

As a change agent, I accompany enterprises that introduce and work with Agile, Scrum or Kanban. My support goes from the very first steps in Agile to whole enterprise transitions, considering both development and management. In addition, I love to work with teams and help them to learn continuously. I deeply care about my work.

I'm a freelancer, working at my own company called Bold Mover. I'm available for training sessions and coaching engagements all around the world.

I write articles and blog posts about Agile Software Development and other things I find energizing. If you want to talk about that, you can find me at various conferences, or you could just write me an email:

Before my time in the Agile Software Development world, I studied computer science at the University of Bremen (diploma qualification, i.e. master qualification equivalent), where I deepened my understanding of cognitive science, artificial intelligence, economic science and media.

I like social networking, and you can find me on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.

My passion apart from my work is running long distances and rock climbing - that's how I recover. Quite often, this ends up in marathons and even ultra marathons.